27 April 2015


Sometimes I'm not the most mature adult in the world. 

I know. You're all shocked. I feel like I'm making progress just being able to admit this fault of mine. Sometimes I want nothing more than to take the arrogant prigs of the world down a few notches, but does it really accomplish anything in the long run? 

Probably not. 

I mean...yeah...at the time you might feel all accomplished and happy, but then you realize that all you did was sink to their level and bully them into submission. Who can truly feel good about that?

The answer is no one. 

So...the other day someone that I really do not like commented on my instagram picture. This person was supposed to be blocked from all of my accounts because they are not a nice human, and I just don't need that in my life, ya know? 

Apparently, I missed the block feature on the insta account for this not nice human. Also, apparently they are stalking me because the picture that had the comment was over two weeks old. I don't even really know what the comment meant, but because I know this person I can guess that it wasn't in a nice way. 

The picture was a collage I'd made of when I received my "define slut" shirt in the mail from The UnSlut Project. This is an cause that I feel very VERY strongly about, and the entire basis of it is feminism and consent and non-bullying and personal freedom to be you. Her comment was "lol." And it really bothered me. Obviously, since this post is all about that one little comment. And a little comment from a not nice human. Why do I care?

I think I care because of everything I went through last year, which I will one day share when the scars heal, and this not nice person was one of the perpetrators of that. It just brought up all of this feelings of OMGIMGOINGTOBARF and WHYISTHISHAPPENINGTOME again. Those are not fun feelings. 

I know that this person has no clue what this cause is, nor did she bother to look it up, nor would she probably get it because this person is one that would use the word slut to shame someone without ever thinking of the damage she could be doing because she is, as I said, not a nice human. 

My point is this...we should think about what we say to people and about people because sometimes we can do so much damage that a year later a tiny innocuous comment on an instagram photo can still hurt a person. 

P.S. I used the word fortuitously in a regular conversation today, so I feel like I win at life. 

24 April 2015


I have decided that extreme napping is a thing. I know it doesn't seem like something as innocuous as napping could be related to a word like extreme. But just trust me on this it can. Several months ago I fell asleep on the couch after school. I hadn't been feeling well, and I was utterly exhausted.                                                                                                 Apparently I slept weird with my wrist. I have included a handy picture key of wrist movements, as one does, so that while I'm explaining this you can get a really good mental picture of this injury which will probably keep me out of extreme napping for awhile as it shows zero signs of healing; in fact, it seems to be getting worse.
Image result for wrist movementsI slept with my wrist in the flexion position, but curled all the way to my arm with my head putting pressure on it. I slept this way for several hours, and apparently my husband says I frequently sleep like this at night. I wore a brace for a little while, and it seemed to heal. But the other night I put my weight on it in the extension position and wowza.                                                                                                                                                       Let us just say that the brace is back on, and I have an appointment to see my doctor on Tuesday. It barely moves when I try to flex or extend it. The rest of the movements like radial and ulnar deviation and supination and pronation are working just fine. (Aren't you glad I provided that handy chart? I really am quite thoughtful.) 
Anyway, as you can clearly see extreme napping is a serious sport which can cause substantial injuries, but don't worry I'll be back on the extreme napping circuit again someday. 

12 April 2015


gummy bears

I've been in a little funk this past week. I have been worried about my evaluation (it was good), worried about my medical stuff (still no answers and still a lot of pain), worried about my students, and worried about life in general. Thankfully on Friday I was delivered my orders from fundraisers that I bought from my students. It included a giant bag of gummy bears. 

I have eaten them all. 

They were a delicious little bright spot in this worry filled week. Little morsels of chewy goodness. I know it's only gummy bears, and I'm waxing poetic (what does that even mean?) about gummy bears, but there we have it folks. The gummy bears have been one of the bright spots in my week. 

Also, we upgraded our Direct TV, and now we have soooooo much space for pointless television on my DVR. Just another sunny spot in this life of mine. 

I don't want people to think that my life is a series of miserable events and that my only happiness comes from television and gummy treats. That's totally inaccurate. I have many many amazing things in my life, but sometimes it is okay to wallow. 

Just don't wallow for too long. 

06 April 2015


If you follow me on twitter or my facebook page, no doubt you have seen the multitude of complaints from me about these pains I've been having, as well as, the awful wait times in many doctor's offices. It seems like the more you need to see the doctor, the longer they let you wait. They're just letting you know who is in control is my philosophy. 

Today was the next in the series of doctors who are trying to find a solution to my woes. He was lovely, although his poking and prodding led to more pain than I've experienced in some time. Doctors are good like that. Then he told me to lose weight and to not eat the foods that are my favorites. No cheeseburgers, no bacon. Basically anything that tastes extra delicious is off the menu. 

And most wondrous of all is that I get to have even more tests! Cameras jammed down my throat, and ahem other places. Hopefully this will give me an answer, and hopefully the answer won't be something devastating.

Plus, I don't want to see any more doctors. I've had enough waiting unless they get better magazines or maybe some snacks. :)

04 April 2015


Life is tough sometimes.

Things we have to do up against things we want to do up against life. Because inevitably life will always win. There will always be things we cannot control. There will always be the things that catch us off guard. We have to learn to adjust, adapt, and change. If we don't bend then we will break. 

Have you ever noticed the many many metaphors that have to do with the difficulties in life? It's exhausting just trying to write about it without using one of them. Curve ball, left turn, lemons. The list goes on! 

Anyway, I'm just trying to say it's tough. Life. And in the end we all die. That's depressing. It's not even like if you're really good at life you get to add extra years. Plus the extra years at the end are spent old and decrepit. How fun is that? I am just saying that if you really want to think about it we get a raw deal with the working and the dying. 

Sooooo I try not to focus on that, and I try to focus on the amazing parts of life. Because otherwise the depression really will take root, and I feel like I'm fighting that constantly. I feel like I have to be ever vigilant or it will take over. 

That alone is exhausting. 

But the alternative is too terrifying to contemplate. 

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