21 September 2014


I have missed this space.

The reading of other blogs gives me this peek into the lives of people who feel like old friends. I can sit on my couch on a Sunday morning drinking coffee, wrapped in the most comfy of blankets, and catch up with these old friends. I have missed that.

The writing of this blog gives me a chance to sift through feelings that seem otherwise positively unsiftable! The Universe knows that my poor husband is probably tired of listening to me sift through them out loud. 

I'm a terrible blogger. And I just read this article wherein science proves that writing, particularly blogging, about feelings and experiences helps with all that emotional stuff that we all have to deal with, and some of us in particular have a more difficult time dealing with. 

I'm wondering if there could be an exact correlation between the amount of ever increasing anxiety I feel and the fact that I'm writing less. If I was good at the maths I'd try to figure that out, but I'm not, and so I won't bother. 

Because I'm trying to also participate in life more (Thanks Charlie for that moniker.) Let me leave you with a list of my current anxieties. I will elaborate more because the internets is nothing if not my therapist.
  • My son is fourteen and in high school.
  • Middle school where I am teaching is challenging, but I also love it?
  • My sister is not speaking to me.
  • We are never going to get pregnant.
  • They are killing dolphins in Japan.
  • My Yukon, that I love, is not fuel efficient. It's also not environmentally friendly. I worry a great deal about the environment. 
  • The state of my closet, and whether or not I should be doing a capsule wardrobe in all neutrals. I want to be a minimalist, but based upon the look of my closet I am definitely failing at that.
  • Suicide rates are rising.
  • Literacy rates are declining.  
Some of these are silly, but they're mine. Some of these I can control; most of them I can't. 

31 August 2014


You know what is great about blogs? And the internet? 

They're still there even if you leave them for a little while. If you get all jumbled, and you can't find the words it's nice to know that your sweet little blog with its own website will still be there waiting for you. 

I haven't quite found the words yet. I'm still feeling jumbled, but I am still here. And I do believe that I will start writing and blogging again. 

09 August 2014


We are about to embark on another school year. Parents are rejoicing. Teachers are lamenting. I cannot believe that soon my life with be orderly and scheduled once again. Honestly I don't know how y'all with jobs that don't get summers off do it. What's the secret? 

I am excited to begin a new chapter with middle school. I was (still am) very nervous, but I feel much better now than I did at the start of summer. I still haven't moved in to my room, and I have no idea what novels are available, but I still am hopeful and even a little excited to start my year. 

What I have done is gone to my first day of professional development. And while it was tiring and hot, it was so wonderful to meet people in my new district. It was nice to be welcomed and told how they appreciate me being there. It was nice that it is a different world than other districts. 

I have also neglected this poor little corner of the interwebs. I say time and time again that I will stop doing that...and yet life gets in the way. But I'll do a catch up post when I can type from my laptop because typing on his iPad is for the birds. 

Until then live the life you imagine.

06 July 2014

FICTION + AL TOWN + S // Bluebell, Alabama

I may have alluded to y'all that I watch a bit of television from time to time. (by bit I mean a lot actually...but remember we aren't here to judge... I like to watch my stories... okay...sheesh). Anyway, I seem to love shows that are set in a small town. Inevitably I fall in love with said small town only to find that when I wield my google powers it does not exist.

Hence comes this blog post series. 

Fictional towns in which I'd like to live. 

First up is the fictional town where Hart of Dixie takes place. The official website for Bluebell can be found here. And the official website for Hart of Dixie can be found here.

If you haven't seen the show it's really cute. It's about a NYC doctor who heads to the south because a man has left her his medical practice in rural small town Alabama. Sort of big city clashes into small town and is trying to fit in. 

This fictional town boasts of a mayor's mansion which is a beautiful Southern plantation on an estate with a pond, a carriage house, a gardener's shack, and those hundred year old oak trees that are draped in Spanish moss that hangs down like the perfect accessory. 

The "Rammer Jammer" which is the local watering hole, sports bar, restaurant, breakfast place...I think it might be the only place to eat in the whole town. But it has everything, so why would you need another place? The fictional town, that I wish really existed, is located on the bay, so they have a bait shop where you can find fresh seafood. Of course, there is a vegetable stand to boast fresh produce to go with all that fresh seafood. It's one of those towns with a big ole' town square that hosts festivals of all sorts. 

Everyone is always gathering in the town square or the town hall walking here and there. I think in towns where there is more walking there are more friends. It's more personable if you're walking because it's harder to ignore your overly friendly neighbor on foot. In a car you can pretend to fidget with the radio. 

The people of the town talk in a slow Southern accent, and they drink sweet tea. They call tea without sugar un-tea, which is perfect because that's what it is. They have good manners and are genuinely nice to one another. Then when they don't like one another you know...but you know with good Southern manners and a "bless your heart." 

We should all be so lucky to live in a town like Bluebell, Alabama. 

02 July 2014

L O G I C A L + LY

I had planned on a full day of cleaning out my closet. Literally, not figuratively. I know you were all on the edge of your sheets wondering about that. But then the fur kids were cuddling with me this morning, and so we lounged in bed for a little longer than normal. 

Then, of course, we couldn't start the day without coffee. I figured while I waited for my coffee to percolate that I'd watch a quick episode of Orange is the New Black (OITNB). This lead into me watching a movie that I'd had on my Netflix queue for awhile since one does not simply just have a single cup of coffee. 

Pinterest began calling my name as it often does, and then I thought "oh you need to blog," so this is happening now. I also have to finish my book and go to the library. 

So you see...the best plans sometimes go awry. Plus do I really need to be in my closet? I do...but really I have plenty of time. Also, I still have a gift card that is begging me to buy some new clothes. At that point I figure I will absolutely have to clean my closet since I'll need to hang my new clothes. 

This is a lesson in women's logic brought to you by me and cuddling fur kids on a sunny day in July from Oklahoma. 

You're welcome. ;)

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