05 December 2014

FICTION + AL TOWNS + S // Stars Hollow, Connecticut

It's been awhile since I wanted to start this little series on fictional towns that I'd like to live in. 

The first one was Bluebell, home of Dr. Hart of the show Hart of Dixie. You can read that here.

I recently read an article here. This article listed shows that one should watch once they've finished all the wonderful seasons of Gilmore Girls. 

Interestingly enough the gazebo that I adored on GG is the same gazebo that I adore on Hart of Dixie! Do you think the gazebo has some sort of magic? 

Maybe I long to live in a town with a town square, a cute coffee shop or town 'gathering' place, friendly neighbors with weird quirks, and a gazebo. Also, the festivals and harvests and corn mazes and crazy knitting fundraising. All of it sounds super rad to me.
 And the Gilmore house. That porch! Wisteria could grown all over it. The eclectic design complete with monkey lamps and striped couches covered with the most perfect throws and squishy pillows. 

I'm pretty sure Stars Hollow and the characters, who are full of character, are the stuff of dreams. 
And let us not forget about Luke's Diner. 

Oh the coffee I could drink! 

Served by Luke. Wearing a flannel and backwards cap! Him, not me....although maybe me. The fashion of the nineties is making a comeback you know. 

I'd buy antiques at Kim's Antiques, and I'd most definitely own the cutest little inn that ever did exist. 

If you haven't watched every episode of Gilmore Girls yet, why could you possibly still be waiting? Netflix has them all! And Hulu! 

It was quite possibly the greatest show ever written with the greatest setting of all time. The fall foliage alone is worth watching. 

Plus wit, sarcasm, fast talking, and neurotic behavior fueled by copious amounts of caffeine. What's not to love?

04 December 2014


What's the average amount of time that a girl can spend pondering her hair without being considered shallow? I think that I spend too much time thinking about my hair. The very fact that I am writing a blog post about the amount of time that I spend thinking about my hair is probably a sign that I should stop now. 

But I won't...because let's be completely honest here; nearly every single person on the face of the planet becomes obsessive about their hair at some point. 

It's just that I love so many options. The bronde beachy waves speak to me of my Floridian nature. The dark chocolate brown is just so rich, and I love the look of dark hair against light eyes. Coppery shiney locks are perfection. Sleek bobs and wind blown waves. Messy hair. And then all the shades of red. How does a girl pick just one? 

I think the answer is: she doesn't. 

03 December 2014


writing your way out of a dark place...

I saw that quote today on face book. I don't quite remember where I read it, so if you happen to stumble upon this little blog o' mine and can remind me that'd be swell.

The quote made me do some thinking. This is leading into one of my favorite past times of over thinking. Because after all, if you're going to do something it's probably best to over do it, am i right? 

I want to be able to write my way out of dark places. It just sometimes is so dark...and I can't find a pencil, and the paper gets all soggy from the tears streaming down. 

I've been trying something new because old ways aren't working as well. 

My old method of dealing with the darkness was to "fake it 'til I make it." I would just pretend or force myself to try my very best to be happy. This inevitably led to me bawling in my closet or pointing out the flaws in every one I encounter. This is a not so charming quality I am trying to curb. 

My new method in dealing with this was to give myself permission to go dark for a little while. I thought maybe if I stopped feeling guilty about it that I wouldn't spiral down even farther. Then I had a conversation with someone this evening where they made off hand comments about how all this "mental stuff" was something that could be controlled. They said the same things that so many people say about people with any sort of mental illness. 

And that's when I realized that I don't need to create my own method to deal with these feelings because there is medication and professionals who are paid (and paid well) to come up with coping mechanisms. 

I've written before that I wanted to write more honestly, and I can't do that if I am not honest with myself. I have already been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and I have almost exactly the same traits that my dear grandmother showed, who was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, but only after she suffered and tried to "deal" with it on her own. 

Tonight I've vowed to try a brand new method. I call it being honest with myself and admitting to myself that these 'feelings' and 'thoughts' could be more than easily controlled thoughts or products of my over active imagination. 

28 November 2014


This post contains photos of dead ducks.
My boys are voracious hunters. From the time hunting season opens to the time it closes I'm basically a single childless person during the first part of the day every single weekend. Now I realize that for some wives this would be an issue. Not for this wife though. 

Sure there are weird dirty feathers flying around my front yard, and on occasion it looks as though our garage was the scene of a grizzly murder. But the house is blissfully mine for hours! I'm all alone. I can sleep in until whenever, watch non-sportsy things on the television, read, or write to my little hearts desire. And yes sometimes there are fake ducks (decoys) scattered all around your living room which freaks the cats out. But that's okay too; mostly because it's hilarious to watch.

I have waffled on whether or not to post anything about my boys hunting expeditions because I am vehemently opposed to animal testing, furs, and anything that harms animals. But I'm not opposed to eating them. Mostly because well they're delicious. And really, be honest, what else is a cow going to do? It's not a viable pet. I do think that they should be treated humanely while alive (room to run around and all that), and I also think that slaughterhouses should try their very best to make the process less traumatic for them at the end. We should have a little more respect for the sacrifice. 
*steps off soapbox*

2014 Season

Anyway, this is a little glimpse into their mornings during the autumn and winter seasons. They sitting in the cold, usually in the dark (apparently ducks are flying around very early in the morning, presumably looking for that proverbial worm), making duck noises, and waiting. Lots of waiting.

No thanks. Not this girl.
This is more likely to be me during hunting season. Passed out on the couch with a cat, a book, and a cozy blanket. (not just during hunting season...this is actually my preferred activity basically anytime)

Happy Hunting Season y'all! 


The sun has set on another Thanksgiving, and we embark into the merriest time of year filled with jingling bells, twinkling lights, hot cocoa, and magic. As I am sitting up late into the night I am reflecting on the year of 2014, which has not been especially kind to me and my family.

And yet, I am finding that I still have so much for which to be thankful. I have Jakob and Tim, who I love so completely that sometimes it takes me by surprise that I can feel such love for other people. 

My mom, sister, and niece who I miss so much in Florida. My Papaw, who is stubborn and sometimes cranky, but I love him dearly. My in-laws are about the most generous, wonderful people in the world so I'm thankful for that as well. 

My fur babies make me feel thankful every day. They are pretty dang good listeners, even if they aren't so great with the dispensing of advice. I do realize, unfortunately, that I cannot keep getting a new fur baby every time I am overwhelmed by the fact that we haven't had a human one. So there is one for Tim. 

I'm thankful for my job, Tim's job, the roof over our heads, and the vehicles that drive us to and fro. We are pretty darn lucky to have this life. It might not be perfect, and there are definitely some struggles, but of this I am certain: as long as we have love and hope then things will be okay. 

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