22 May 2015


We are  down to the final day of this school year. 

I have a year of middle school experience under my belt.

Jakob made it through freshman year unscathed.

Tim made it through working in the Special Ed department. 

We are all no worse for the wear, but I am glad that a break is coming. I have been stressed and exhausted beyond my wildest dreams this school year. I worked so hard to meet all the goals set by and for me. And I surpassed them. Not exceedingly, but I surpassed them. If nothing else I can be absolutely proud of that. And I can be absolutely proud of the relationships that I built with some very hard to reach students. I can know that I impacted some of their lives which is no small feat. 

Jakob successfully transferred schools, and I think the move is going to be a really good one for him. I'm excited for him and his future. 

Tim has found a great place to work that's filled with great co-workers. I haven't seen him like a job this much ever. It's so awesome to see someone you love find a good fit for them in their work life. And I know he's making a difference as another person in the lives of kids with special needs who cares deeply for them and wants the best for them. 

To all the teachers and education workers out there: enjoy your summer. You deserve it. Become a human again, so that next year you can do it all again. 

21 May 2015


no words.
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I have been doing a lot of ranty pants rants on this blog lately, and I decided it's time to put a little bit of positive energy out there. I remember the old grateful linky (hosted by the lovely Bron at Maxabella Loves), and after reading through some of my old posts I thought it was time to just randomly share some things that are seemingly small yet bring great joy to me.

First, this photo. A field of sunflowers with a sunset and some clouds. It makes me happy. My sister recently took my niece to a sunflower maze, and I am deliriously jealous. Doesn't that sound lovely? To wander through a maze of sunflowers? I think it sounds positively divine! 

Second, Supernatural, the television show. I know that I'm late to the party on this one, but now I get to have the time of my life slowly working my way through sans commercials on Netflix. I think I am a little obsessed with it though because basically I go to bed at 7:30, watch a few episodes, and then watch blooper reels from the filming. 

Third, I've recently discovered a radio station here that plays old rock or alternative music. I have been transported back to high school every morning for the past week on my way to work as I listen to Metallica or Def Leppard or Green Day. It's fantastic! 

The rain. Oh boy has it been raining here lately! I love the rain. Of course, I wish school was already out. Then I could just stay home in snuggly blankets, read books, write, and watch Netflix. Or I could put on my rain boots to go splashing in some puddles with my puppies. That's always a fun day. 

And finally, I'd like to pay homage to pizza with extra cheese. No matter how bad your day is it seems like eating a delicious piece of your favorite pizza (with extra cheese) at least brightens up the day for that moment of mastication. 

What small things make you happy?

20 May 2015


Image result for gastric surgery
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This post has been simmering for awhile. It's part rant, and it's part educate yourself before opening your stupid mouth. Okay, so it's mostly rant. 

Several months ago my husband got the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG). As you can see from the photo they removed a large portion of his stomach to assist in his weight loss endeavors. He's lost almost 100 pounds, and I'm so proud of him. 

I'm just angry at some of the people who made comments that were along the lines of him taking "the easy way" to losing weight. 

Honestly, it has not exactly been the easy way. I don't think that there is an easy way to lose this much weight. I don't think any of those fad things like Plexus or any of the miracle drinks or pills or whatever work at all. Maybe they help you lose some weight, but then it comes right back. I just think that changing your lifestyle is the only way to stay at a healthy weight. 

This surgery helps my husband do that. He physically cannot eat as much as he could before, but he also had to jump through some hoops before he got the surgery. The doctor made him change his eating habits for awhile prior to having the surgery. I guess it was sort of a "trial run" for what life would be like post op. 

It's tough, and I don't think anyone should make anyone feeling bad for doing what they need to do. I hate seeing my husband feel like he has some sort of shameful secret to hide when people ask how he's losing the weight. First of all, isn't it rude to ask that? Say "hey you look great!" or "wow whatever you're doing is working!" or "I'm so proud of you for making a healthy lifestyle change!" 

Don't shame a person because you feel like they're "cheating." I feel like you're a rude asshole if you shame him for doing this to be healthy for himself and his family. Unless you have personally known what it feels like to have to lose weight and a more than average amount because your health is going to start deteriorating to the point where it becomes fatal then shut your face about what you think they should do because at the end of the day no one cares what you think they should do. They aren't doing this for you, and you don't get to be a judgmental jerk. 

Educate yourself on the process, on what bariatric patients have to do, on the ways their lives change, and on what they have to accomplish BEFORE surgery because if you did then you would realize that they aren't cheating or taking the easy way out. 

19 May 2015


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I recently learned that I have a whole little group of stalkers. They're my middle school students, and they basically stalk every form of social media I have that is open to the world which is all things aspiring author and blogger extraordinaire me runs. 

One of them admits to stalking every single teacher they have! They say that they like getting a sneak peak into the private lives of their teachers. 

I don't get it though? 

I don't remember ever caring about my teachers or their lives outside of school. For all I knew they existed only within the halls of the school. The lines are blurring. 

I think it's because everything is online and accessible now. I mean what would I have stalked my teachers on? There was no twitter, facebook, myspace, instagram, or any of the plethora of ways to share your every single move via the world when I was growing up. 

I also shared with them my secret stalking during high school where we were actually required to dial their number and hang up on them because we couldn't just sneakily scroll through all their insta pictures. Life was hard back in the day, and these kids need to know! 

so hi kids *waves*

15 May 2015


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I have been blogging a lot more lately. It's been cathartic in some way, but I also worry sometimes that the things I say on my blog will have a negative impact on my life. 

I don't know why it would. I mean these things are just my opinion or little stories about what's happening in my life. 

I guess it's probably the opinions that I hold professionally because I'm a teacher, and we are always under scrutiny. But I do believe that even though I have opinions about things, which may not always be positive, that I am a good teacher. I love what I do, and I always have the best interests of my students in my heart. I know that I sometimes offend people, and that is never my intention, but I do believe that I need to advocate for my kids. 

Sometimes I just need to vent because writing it out helps me process it in my own brain. And that's who this blog is really for...for me.

All of that being said I don't consider this a teacher blog, nor do I want to go in that direction.

As I said, this blog is for me. It's my therapy in a way. Sure it's awesome when folks read or leave comments, and I'd love for people to want to read my writing. But at the end of the day it's for me. 

That's why writers write. For themselves. Because stories inside of them are begging to be told even if no one is listening. 

Why do you write? And do you ever worry about the ramifications of what you write? Do you classify your blog? Your writing? Or do you let it run free?

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